The main navigation for Adminca is located on the left. At the top you can switch between different panels or create new ones. Below that you can find the list of all the classes in this panel. Here you can navigate and view different classes as well as edit the settings for each them individually. Panel Settings allow you to set the panel wide properties. At the bottom you can manage your account and organization, find the help and logout of your account.

Table View:

The default view of a class in Adminca. Clicking anywhere on a row opens the detail view of this record. With the search bar you can search data by any field and also combine multiple searches. Sort your table data by clicking on any column header. Filter by clicking on the filter icon in the column header (Predefined Values need to be set first in the field settings). New Records can be created by clicking on the the create button.

Detail View:

Click on a row in the table to open the detail view. See and edit all the information of this specific record. All changes are saved automatically unless you click “cancel”. You can navigate to other records by just clicking on the row (changes saved automatically).