Admin Panel

  • Class: A class in Adminca directly corresponds to data class in Parse. Each class is represented by one table in Adminca. Every class consists of records that are defined by fields.
  • Fields/Columns: Each class has attributes called Fields that define the class. Each Field also represents one column in the table view. The settings for each field can be changed individually.
  • Records: Each record represents one row in a class.
  • Name Field: The Field that is used to identify records within a class. Is also the first column in the table and the default search field
  • Name & Label: Classes and Fields have a name, which is the value that that was set in Parse.The Label is used to identify classes and fields in Adminca.
  • Table View: Shows the rows of records of one class in a table structure where the fields are columns.
  • Detail View: Shows all the fields of one specific records.