Getting Started:

Creating an Admin Panel for your Parse data couldn't be easier. After signing up with your email address you start by assigning a name to your first admin panel. Then you can put in your Parse App Credentials. You can find the application key and the master key under settings/keys in your Parse app. When you are ready the admin panel will be automatically created for you.


  • Why does Adminca require the Master Key? The Master Key is the only key that can access the schemas of your app. Adminca requires the schema to understand which classes are included in your app and to display them appropriately.
  • Who can see/access the Master Key? Nobody. The Master Key can’t be accessed by anyone. Neither your collaborators nor the Adminca team are able to view your Master key. The key is not even displayed in your own account in case someone else logs into your account.
  • How is the Master Key stored? Adminca uses SSL to establish a safe connection between your browser and our server. On our server the Master Key is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm to ensure maximum security.