Dear customers,

I regret to announce that Adminca will be shutting down in 3 months, on February 20th, 2021. I know that many of you have been relying on Adminca to manage your Parse data. Adminca made it easy for anyone to quickly spin up an admin panel, invite collaborators, and manage data. Adminca was created 5 years ago by Lukas, Frank, and Jordan, but since then, our priorities have changed, and we can't keep maintaining it anymore. We recognize that this decision puts many of you in a difficult situation. But we hope that you can easily migrate to other services in the next 3 months. We advise you to migrate as soon as possible.

Are there alternatives to Adminca?

Yes! If you still need an admin panel, I would encourage you to use other tools, such as Retool or Back4App.

  • Retool allows you to easily connect any REST API and build a UI using pre-built components.
  • You can also migrate your Parse data over to Back4App using this guide.

Will Adminca's code be released?

No. We originally built Adminca with versions of the Ember and the Rails frameworks that are now deprecated, and upgrading the codebase would take significant effort.

Will I lose my data?

No. We never stored any Parse data on our servers. Your data will stay safely stored in your Parse Server.

Thank you for using Adminca!


The Adminca team