Parse Server Launch

We are excited to announce that Adminca is now available for Parse Server!

What is Adminca?

Adminca is a cloud based admin panel that lets you view and manage your Parse and Parse Server data like never before. In January, we launched Adminca because we saw that the Parse data browser was not sufficient for non-technical users. It was too complicated and gave users access to the whole backend without any restrictions. Adminca allows you to set up and customize an admin panel that is easy to use and shows your users only what they need. An admin panel on Adminca can be set up in seconds and no additional code is required.

Quickly after the Parse shut down, we started working on supporting Parse Server. And now it’s ready!

Adminca and Parse Server

Unfortunately Parse Server doesn’t provide a data browser but with Adminca you can view and manage the data of your Parse Server. Adminca gives you the data management functionality of the old Parse data browser and combines it with powerful admin panel functionality. You can customize your panel and invite your team or clients as collaborators too. Adminca allows you to set permissions so you can define what classes or fields are visible and editable by your collaborators. Out of the box, it also provides other features like downloading classes to CSV, duplicating records and previewing images.

New Adminca Features for Parse Server

  • Create a new admin panel and connect it to your Parse Server: After migrating your app from Parse to Parse Server just create a new panel on Adminca and select “Self-hosted Parse Server”. Enter your host URL and the keys. Your admin panel will be ready to use within seconds.
  • Connect an existing admin panel to your migrated Parse Server: If you already have an admin panel on Adminca that’s connected to Parse you can just keep using it. Once you migrated your app to Parse Server just go to panel settings and select “Migrate”. All you need to do is enter the host URL and then you can continue to use your panel with all of its settings.
  • Create a new class or field on Parse Server: We added this feature so you can keep growing your app. Just go to panel settings in order to create a new class or go to the class settings to create a new field. You can also delete a class (in panel settings) or a field (in field settings). Be careful, this will delete the class or field on Parse Server. If you only want to hide a class on Adminca, select “hide class” in the class settings and your contributors won’t be able to access it.
  • Manage ACL settings: Now Adminca allows you and your collaborators to change the ACL settings for each object.

Adminca (and your mobile apps) will only be able to access your Parse’s hosted files/images if you set the correct FILE_KEY on your Parse Server. You will have to change the key on the server manually. Otherwise, you won’t be able to view your old files/images in Adminca. However, you can still upload new ones and they will be stored on your Parse Server.

As always, contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We appreciate your feedback!

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