Adminca now supports Parse Server

Parse Server Launch

We are excited to announce that Adminca is now available for Parse Server!

What is Adminca?

Adminca is a cloud based admin panel that lets you view and manage your Parse and Parse Server data like never before. In January, we launched Adminca because we saw that the Parse data browser was not suffi…

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Feature Release February

Since our launch in January and especially after the Parse Shutdown, we have been welcoming a lot of new users to Adminca. Many of you have given us insightful feedback and great suggestions on how to make data management with Adminca even easier. We have been listening carefully to your wishes, and…

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Parse is dead! What are the possible solutions?

Tldr: will be deactivated within a year. Migrating and setting up your own Parse server is the best solution in most cases. The open source Parse server & SDK’s in combination with the great Parse community can replace Parse and go even beyond that.

Wow! Parse just dropped a bomb today! Pa…

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Launching Adminca

We have very exciting news! Following the start of the new year we are officially launching Adminca today. It is the first out of the box admin panel for Parse and comes with everything you need so your team or clients can manage data like never before. Try it for free at and create an a…

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Getting to know the Parse community

FbStart event

Two weeks ago, the three of us headed out to the FbStart Initiative event in the Impact Hub Seattle. FbStart is a new program from Facebook designed to help early stage mobile startups build and grow their apps. It provides startups with mentorship, community and financial support.

In 2013 Facebook…

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