The interface for your Parse (Server) data

Adminca empowers your team to view and manage data like never before.
Get an admin panel in seconds without writing any additional code.

Now available for Parse Server!

Missing Parse's data browser?
With Adminca you can create an admin panel for your self-hosted Parse Server in seconds.

Connect your team or clients with Parse data

Your team or clients need access to their data in order to manage it. But inviting them to your Parse Account can put your whole backend data and code at risk. With Adminca you can create a Parse admin panel and have full control of which data can be viewed or edited.

Set up a simple yet powerful data interface

A powerful admin panel doesn’t have to be complicated. Unlike the Parse Data Browser, Adminca is designed with non-technical users in mind.

The table view allows you to intuitively search, filter and sort across all records in a class. With the detail view, you can view and edit everything regarding a specific record at once.

Save development and maintenance time

Life is too short to create and maintain admin panels! Adminca requires zero code and works out of the box. It picks up the schema, relationships and data types automatically.

Once it’s set up, you never have to worry about it again. It is always synced with your Parse data so you can focus on building awesome apps.

An ever-growing collection of Adminca features

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Field Formatting

Permission Settings

Invite Collaborators

CSV Export

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